About Us

Flora is an amazing healthy food delivery organization founded with the goal to make it easier for all people to access healthier foods. We accomplish this by delivering fruits, vegetables, and health-conscious snacks to doorsteps, businesses, schools, and more.

Flora also has a donation program that is catered toward eliminating urban food deserts throughout the Milwaukee area.

Our Mission

To deliver on demand, fresh, and healthy foods to people who
want them.

Food Deserts

Unhealthy foods are cheap and readily available. But healthy foods are generally more expensive and harder to access, especially for the 25 million Americans who live in food deserts


Two out of three Americans are either overweight or obese.

Chronic Disease

Prolonged unhealthy eating can cause chronic diseases that can lead to premature death, increased medical bills, and a lower quality of life.

What is a food desert

Food deserts are regions where people have limited access to healthful and affordable food. This may be due to having a low income or having to travel farther to find healthful food options.

How we fight food deserts

Flora currently fights food deserts by donating boxes to families and organizations that reside in these areas. These donations boxes are funded by proceeds that we receive from sales, and sponsorships from large corporations and businesses.

Flora's Founding Story

All my life, I embraced healthy habits. Staying active regularly, eating vegetarian family meals, and a number of other examples. When I got to college, eating healthy wasn’t as easy. In fact, it was an obstacle for most of my peers. Pizza, french fries, ice cream, and beer were what was readily available. Fruits and vegetables, not so much.

"Why is this?" I asked. The more I dug, the more I learned about the obstacles to healthy eating at college, the disparities that exist in communities that are under-resourced, food deserts, how unhealthy eating affects us, how people in my community are impacted by the lack of access to affordable, high quality, fruit, vegetables, and so much more. So naturally, I began thinking, how can I do my part and create change in my community?

Tapping into my love of healthy living, wellness, and wanting to help my community live healthier lives, Flora was born. I started in my parent’s living room (thanks Mom and Dad) and now we are the best produce delivery company in Wisconsin.

Our mission is to make it easier for all people to access healthy food options and eliminate all American food deserts. I can still remember the first box I ever delivered. The smile on their face and the fulfillment in my heart was indescribable. That's when I knew what my purpose was. To change the world through food.

Come help change the world with me.



When we do good, you do good

Help A Family In Need

A part of all proceeds go toward helping eliminate Milwaukee food deserts. Purchase a box to help today!

Get Started


Eliminate all Milwaukee food deserts by 2025

Eliminate all American food deserts by 2040

Can you help us achieve our mission?

If you have any suggestions, connections, donations, etc.

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