Working Out for Real!

Working Out for Real!

When I am working out, I feel like I am on top of the world. Working out should be a natural requirement for all people of different shapes and sizes. Nowadays, we consist of working out like going to the gym, going for long runs, and lifting heavy weights; it can seem like a drag prepping for any physical activity. However, this is not the case. Working out can be as small as stretching, going for long walks at the beach, and sometimes even doing specific breathing exercises! There are too many positive benefits of exerting some form of energy from your body. Not only will it give you a healthier mindset, but it will also help you destress, and it will provide you with a bunch of endorphins throughout the day that makes you feel good. It will also help reinforce long-lasting health benefits that your body needs to function. Whenever I work out, I feel healthier and more alive to do those more beneficial things. It makes eating healthier a lot easier, makes drinking water a breeze, and provides for some of the better sleep days that I have had. Working out has changed my mindset because it gave me the control and confidence that I needed from my body that I couldn’t get before. It is also a form of self-discovery. Randomly waking up after working out for a consecutive number of weeks and realizing that your body is more flexible, stronger, and has better endurance on an overall scale is an amazing feeling. When you do good, you feel good, and that can navigate your whole day and change the trajectory of your life and the goals you want to achieve.

Don’t let social media deter you from working out. Seeing people who are naturally fit, super buff, or have a physique that you believe isn’t real or attainable shouldn’t push you away from attempting a level of fitness. For the most part, the body images seen throughout social media are more of an illusion. These individuals tend to use additional lighting, different poses, and unnatural substances to make their physique look like the ‘dream’ physique. We all know people suck in their stomachs in these shots too. This is not the standard, and it misinforms the people that view this on social media about health and wellness. When working out, your primary goal should not be getting a good body or look naturally ‘skinny.’ Even in this sense, everyone has a different perspective of what skinny may be, and primarily focusing on this can lead to varying forms of negative behavior such as eating disorders or excessive training. Your main priority should be to feel good physically and mentally when you are working out. Naturally, your body will continue to become more fit to your liking, but ultimately it should be used for your overall health and mindset. For example, I love to run because it helps me escape from reality and the everyday stress that people tend to build up over time. It gives me a better sense of what my day looks like, and it keeps me in better shape than ever before.

I believe that the biggest obstacle to working out is where to start. Starting is the hardest part of any form of training because it can get tough mentally. You would be surprised at how far your body can be pushed not only physically but mentally too! Most importantly, keeping consistent with whatever you want to focus on is an essential aspect as well. Think of it like a videogame you just started. You are the main character, and you need to level up your body. Over time you will continue to get stronger in many different ways that you didn’t believe were possible. Over time you will notice different types of muscles that weren’t there before. And ultimately, over time, you will thank yourself for continuing to keep up with your fitness because of its long-lasting benefits. Try to do something physically active every day and continue to work on it every so often; you will grow stronger as a person physically and mentally, I guarantee it!

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