Harmful Diet Culture

Harmful Diet Culture
Towards the beginning of this year, diet organizations have continued to advance and promote the idea of unhealthy weight loss, excessive exercise, and food limitations in a negative light. These companies benefit from giving false hopes to individuals who truly want to lose weight. Harmful diet culture focuses more on losing lots of weight than staying healthy. 
Diet culture spills into our regular day to day lives more than we might suspect. For instance, we sometimes tend to forget to eat anything throughout the day and oftentimes find ourselves in a very unhealthy calorie intake. Other times we choose to go on diets because of our self-image and how our bodies look in the mirror. For whatever reason it may be, everybody has experienced diet culture in some way. Harmful diet culture is everywhere and to escape it means you must define your own self-worth with food and create your own healthy habits; disregard companies who profit off of your body-image insecurities.
In the event that you wanted to lose weight before, you've most likely attempted an eating routine that may be portrayed as “healthy.” Once started, it gets really hard to escape this never-ending cycle of starting and ending diets that never worked for you in the first place. Furthermore, taking before and after pictures not only present the idea that the diet never worked, but it also hurts our self-image. People we see in company advertisements create unrealistic standards with photoshopped images of the effect of their diet. The message these pictures portray is that everyone should exercise a lot, eat very little, and value only an image of themselves that is thinner. To get away from harmful advertised diet culture and unhealthy lifestyle to maintain mainstream diets, there are alternatives to dieting that create an unrestrictive healthy diet. 
One example of this is intuitive eating, a way of thinking for eating that makes you the master of your own body and your own hunger signals. This way of thinking states that you know yourself the best to make the proper choices in regard to what you put in your body. Simply, you should make healthy choices of what you eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are full. Intuitive eating also focuses on the fact that you are able to enjoy what you're eating and not shame yourself for enjoying the good food. Keeping your body biologically fed is the most important aspect for this form of eating. With this type of philosophy, you are able to stave off hunger and promote proper eating habits that your body demands. Having a different way of thinking about diets can promote healthier eating habits which can lead to a healthier lifestyle overall.

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