Getting into cooking can sometimes be a challenge! Not having the right ingredients can be a hassle and can also get expensive. That’s why here at Flora, we have pre-made cooking recipes that anyone can use and easily make. These amazing and different types of recipes are found here!

So how does someone get into cooking?

1) Recipes

The simplest and easiest way to get into cooking is to follow recipes that you find online. Finding recipes are training wheels for those who want to learn how to cook basic foods. The difficulty of a recipe is relative to the ingredients it takes to make it, the tools needed, and the amount of time it takes to prepare and bake. Following the recipe is important so that the cooking can be identical to what the authors of the recipes are showing. Omitting an ingredient or turning up the heat too much can lead to poor results. Finding random and rather interesting recipes is just the best and with the right stuff anyone can do it.

2) Spices

It is important to invest in spices to bring flavor to the food that you want to eat. Without it, food can get very bland and boring very quickly. Salt and pepper are not enough, having a variety of spices can bring out different flavors such as spicy, bitter, salty, sweet, and umami (meat flavors that have the same taste as meat!). This increases your game when you’re cooking and sometimes after completing a recipe multiple times, you can improve it with all the different spices in your collection. Challenge yourself and try a new spice that you’ve never tried before!

3) Cooking Appliances

Lastly, having the right tool at your disposal is very beneficial to how you want to cook. Cooking can be as simple as investing in an air fryer or a slow cooker. However, for traditional forms of cooking, it's important to understand what a skillet is used for and what a pot is used for. More importantly, learning the dimensions of your cooking appliances will let you know how much food you can make. For example, if you have a small pan skillet, it would be primarily used to cook eggs, appetizers, or other ingredients on the side while cooking the primary dish. If you have a larger cooking appliance such as a pot, you’ll be able to make different types of entrees in volume such as ramen, pasta, and soup. Having the right tools is super convenient in an everyday busy lifestyle.

Remember that cooking is supposed to be fun and a great experience! Take the first steps at attempting to cook something you’ve never cooked this week. Experiment, learn, and enjoy, that’s what cooking is all about!

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