Professors at the University College of London (Lally et al., 2009) published a study on habits and determined that it takes at least 2 months, approximately 66 days on average, to make a habit. As we begin the new year,...
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With the new year just around the corner, learning how to set goals is an important part of starting the new year off on the right foot! Goals such as getting fit, having more vegetables in your meals, or anything...
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Digestive System
The digestive system is known for being the second brain of the body. Simply following and trusting your gut can allow the body to know what is going on before you consciously recognize it. The strength of the gut and...
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Getting into cooking can sometimes be a challenge! Not having the right ingredients can be a hassle and can also get expensive. That’s why here at Flora, we have pre-made cooking recipes that anyone can use and easily make. These...
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Top 6 Reasons To Eat More Vegetables
We understand. When you think of the joy's of your childhood, eating vegetables are not near the top of your list. Most nights at dinner, you can count on your parents saying the famous phrase "eat your vegetables". Then with...
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